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About Us

We are highly skilled advisors

We are Ariel-Remar

Ariel-Remar Associates headquartered in the United Kingdom is a dynamic force in  international citizenship, residency, offshore structuring, and investments. Our experienced global team, strategically located worldwide, ensures the provision of secure, seamless and liberating solutions for our estemmed clients. Our established formal process for citizenship and immigration services has enabled us to create strong partnerships and investments in over 173 countries around the world.

Our Vision

Expand your life and business beyond Nigeria. ARA aims to seamlessly integrate your business and lifestyle into new environments, fostering thriving family and business lives globally.

Our Mission

ARA provides a substantial commitment to second citizenship and offshore investments. Our expertise and international network create a synergy between families, businesses, investments, and a whole new world.

Our Values

We operate with a core set of values


Meeting and exceeding clients' expectations with reasonable fees and transparent professional services.

Exceptional and Exclusive Execution

Delivering precision and guaranteeing success in all our services.

Tailored Solutions

Providing contextual delivery of services for each client's unique needs.

Pioneers and Professionalism

Pioneering government-level immigration initiatives and efficient investment structures worldwide.


Ensuring the security and confidentiality of investments with a 100% eligibility guarantee.

We provide global solutions for citizenship, immigration, and investment success, and our vision is to help our clients expand their lives and businesses beyond the borders of Nigeria. We strive to create a seamless integration for our clients, facilitating the transition of their business and lifestyle into new environments, while ensuring their families and businesses thrive in whichever nation they choose to call home.

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